State Street Legal Internship

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We are educators who recognize that clients, policymakers and the media need a trusted source to help them understand a complex and rapidly changing world, whether it`s making public policy recommendations, timely insights into global markets, or communicating to investors how to take advantage of sophisticated financial products. As an economics student at the London School of Economics, I used my problem-solving and research skills during my first year of study. Essays and research projects taught me to work independently and confidently and take responsibility for my own academic development, while auditing improved my problem-solving skills, especially in a high-pressure environment. Our employees help millions of people save for retirement, enable foundations and endowments to fund educational, scientific and environmental breakthroughs, and enable governments to provide essential services to communities around the world. Sphere. Like our clients, we apply a restless mind to our work in the art of investing. We believe that no matter what we do for our clients, there is always another question to ask, another problem to solve, one more reason to say, “This is not enough. We are problem solvers who leverage our scale, vast resources and experience to work with our clients to find unique solutions to global challenges, from advising pension funds and governments on the evolving bond landscape to advising central banks on how to manage major economic events and crises. I look forward to gaining knowledge and experience within State Street, particularly in the investment management department, as it offers, for example, financial asset management strategies, including passive and active. As State Street excels in passive asset management, I believe my in-depth knowledge of exchange-traded funds will have a positive impact on the company`s financial performance. In addition to my experience in researching academic topics such as pricing strategies, I developed the ability to consistently achieve goals during my role as an exhibition assistant at the Hong Kong Book Fair 2014 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

During the event, the team leader was absent due to illness and so I was promoted to team leader to lead the team. As a team leader, I accurately executed the instructions of two managers while leading the team. It was a challenge to be a team leader in the beginning, in a situation where mistakes were costly and frustrated customers. However, after a series of discussions with colleagues and the support of managers, issues such as lack of coordination were quickly resolved and the efficiency of operations increased significantly. As a result, an 11% increase in the number of participants was recorded compared to the number of participants during the first two days. I received a bonus for this achievement. Not only did it give me insight into the realities of a business environment, but it also helped me develop important skills such as leadership, teamwork, and customer relationship management. We are stewards who take seriously our responsibility to create sustainable value for our clients, who entrust us with investments on their behalf, whether it`s encouraging portfolio companies to improve the quality of board members or encouraging them to consider long-term risks such as climate change.