Small Business Companies in Arizona

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Innovative automated retail solution for millennials and those looking for convenience with connectivity to reach everyday products. Place automated retail outlets near student housing around the University of Texas at Austin. Speedy Stores is an Austin, Texas-based company with an innovative business model to challenge traditional retail of best-selling grocery and convenience store items through the deployment of next-generation self-service kiosks. By leveraging advances in technology and social media, Speedy Stores` business model offers a more efficient retail model with reduced operating costs. A key success factor for the Speedy Store initiative is to offer a superior shopping experience and to take into account the changing consumption habits of the US market, driven by millennial consumers. Speedy Stores, Inc. will leverage systematic processes by using state-of-the-art technologies in optimal locations. Traditional shopping is a chore that most millennials fear. We will provide a digital solution to consumers to improve their shopping experience and create a more effective and efficient shopping process. Fast stores will change old shopping habits and revolutionize the buying process into a system that millennials and timeless consumers will love.

Our motto is to constantly revolutionize the buying process from start to finish. To do this, we provide the consumer with the latest technological advances. We are adapting to today`s consumer behavior by implementing an online grocery store that gives our consumers access to our products when and where they want. We implement a streamlined purchasing approach by offering the most requested food/convenience products at each of our kiosks. Our “Speedy App” provides mobile access to our products and ensures an exceptional shopping experience. Our vision is to give today`s shoppers the ability to browse our online grocery store and create the ability for shoppers to browse their shopping list, add all their products to the cart and checkout before leaving home. Customers order at the kiosk via a digital touch interface or pre-order via our app and simply enter an access code to have their products delivered to the store. Discover great small businesses to work for. Compare employee ratings and information on salary, benefits, and company culture across thousands of company profiles. Find the best small business for you and love your next job.

Headquartered in Phoenix, ZOE Holding Company is a growing company with multiple states and nine subsidiaries, all focused on one thing: helping people. Through its diverse human resources and home health services, ZOE Holding Company employs more than 3,500 talented people and provides administrative, accounting, human resources, IT and marketing services to its offices in Arizona, California, Colorado and Texas. This support allows subsidiaries including MGA Home Healthcare, MGA Pediatric Homecare, MGA Healthcare, MGA Employee Services, MGA Academy and Dukes Drivers & Logistics to focus on providing exceptional human resources and home health services to businesses and families in the United States. We`ve compiled a list of the best companies operating in Arizona based on data on salaries, company financial health, and employee diversity. You can also research the best companies to work for in the state and cities of your choice. Arizona`s geography helps beverage stores and businesses thrive in the state. You can open your own beverage store with a mix of new flavors and a place where people can have a great time and relax. This is a list of small businesses in Arizona.

Learn about the different small businesses in Arizona, their location, and contact information. Cadence Education, formerly Phoenix Children`s Academy, is one of the leading early childhood educators in the United States, operating more than 150 private kindergartens and elementary schools as members of the Cadence Education family of schools across the country. With over 20 years in business, we have developed unparalleled expertise in preparing students for the next stage of their childhood. The Arizona State Government supports the development of small businesses so that they can grow and prosper over the long term by opening up new opportunities and creating a healthy business climate. That`s it, a detailed list of small businesses in Arizona. Please visit their websites and social media pages to learn more about them and their products or services. At LaneTerralever, the company offers its employees a kitchen complete with snacks and drinks, dog-friendly desks and a “speakeasy” with a keg. Notable aspects of LaneTerralever`s culture and benefits include a corresponding 401(k) savings plan, paid maternity and paternity leave, and flexible hours. The company`s cultural club plans office activities, including Christmas parties, happy hours, office Olympics and other events. LT also holds quarterly employee meetings where management presents the company`s business information before participating in movies, baseball games, or other fun activities.

The custom bakery and cake sector is important in Phoenix and Arizona. With a few skills and a little investment, you can start your own pastry shop and even hire a few other chefs to help you with your cake business. With our increasing reliance on tech gadgets such as cell phones, TVs, washing machines, refrigerators, etc., Arizona has a huge market for tech repair shops. With a little technical knowledge and a little training, you can start your own electrical equipment repair business. The Arizona desert offers a market for HVAC applications with high demand for air conditioning installations, repairs and maintenance. This business opportunity in Arizona can be a money turner for you if you have skills or can even hire someone to do it for you. Their remarkable blend of business wisdom, monetary experience, transaction mastery and dynamic pursuit of results makes them a powerful force that can help your business succeed! People want to keep the good memories intact forever, so good wedding videographers are always in demand. This company is unlikely to ever experience a recession, so with a little investment, the wedding video business has a large scale in a market like Arizona. Carlisle Companies Incorporated is a diversified global portfolio of niche brands and companies offering advanced, high-margin products.

They provide quality products to customers in the commercial roofing, agriculture, mining, medical, transportation and construction sectors. In 2017, Carlisle`s global team of employees generated $4. 1 billion net sales. Mitel is a global provider of enterprise communications and collaboration software and services. Mitel`s innovations facilitate connectivity and collaboration while reducing costs and implementation issues. Market leaders such as VMware and Research in Motion are working with Mitel to seamlessly integrate their solutions to drive value for customers. Mitel`s Freedom architecture provides the flexibility and simplicity required for today`s dynamic work environment. With a single, cloud-ready software flow, Mitel provides a powerful suite of advanced communication and collaboration capabilities that: (1) provide freedom from walled garden architectures; (2) enables organizations to implement the best solutions; (3) extend the experience “in the office” anywhere, on any device; and (4) offers a range of business options to meet business needs. Mitel`s solutions are suitable for businesses from all walks of life – from individual sites to multinational companies – and serve customers through a network of more than 1,600 resellers and value-added partners.

We are passionate and committed to introducing locals and newcomers to our state`s amazing culture. A culture better represented by our communities, local businesses and their unique experiences. Arizona has more than 550,000 small businesses, those with fewer than 500 employees. The U.S. Small Business Administration estimates that these companies employ one million workers, representing 44.5 percent of the state`s private workforce. Want to start a small business in Arizona? If you`re in cities like Phoenix, Arizona, and you`re looking for small business ideas, below is a list of profitable business opportunities that can be launched with less investment. Sure, her work wins awards for her clients, but what really motivates her is a chance to move your business forward. If there`s another small business you know of in Arizona that isn`t listed here, please throw it out in the comments section. Here`s information you can use today to help your business succeed and grow. We provide relevant ideas, advice, resources and facilitate discussions about the development and growth of a business. The party scene in Arizona is pretty big, so a party company that offers all the party-related services in one place can do things big here.

Services mainly include DJ, drinks, food and all other things in one place arranged by you. Insight Enterprises Inc. is a leading provider of smart, cutting-edge technology solutions for global businesses of all sizes. Their services aim to optimize investments and modernize businesses. This company has a reported turnover of more than one billion and has 1,000 to 10,000 employees. The company is listed on the Fortune 500 and has offices in 22 countries with operations in 200 countries and territories. They offer small and medium and large businesses a variety of digital services and techniques aimed at strengthening their web and mobile presence, generating leads to grow your customer base, generating remarkable ROI and higher revenue. They focus on a methodology based on law.