Simple Definition of Settlement

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“They refused to accept our settlement offer, so we`re going to court.” A colony is a colony or a small community of people. When a group of people build houses together on the moon, they have the first lunar colony. A settlement is also the solution to something like a trial. Jonathan Moore, who won the $1.7 million settlement in the Stewart case, represents them. an out-of-court settlement (= reached without a court order) “This is something we can add to the settlement agreement.” Translation: Defendants who have wronged you not only have to pay you money, but there may also be similar assets or valuables that we will include in our settlement offer. Encyclopedia article on settlement Many civil cases require a settlement conference as a first attempt to resolve the dispute between opposing parties. The parties and their lawyers will provide an outline version of their version of the case and decide whether an immediate settlement can be reached to resolve the case. This type of settlement agreement establishes periodic payments to meet the terms of the agreement instead of a lump sum. These sample phrases are automatically selected from various online information sources to reflect the current use of the word “regulation”. The views expressed in the examples do not represent the views of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Send us your feedback. These are words that are often used in combination with billing.

He got the apartment as part of their divorce settlement. A settlement means the end of other legal proceedings. This leads directly to considerable savings in time and money and even reputational damage. Litigation often reveals the financial and personal vulnerabilities of those involved. The settlement provides a faster alternative to an ongoing legal dispute. The decision to offer and accept or reject a settlement rests with the parties to the case and asks the lawyers involved to negotiate the exact terms of the agreement. He agreed not to sue the county, and the parties would keep the settlement confidential to the extent permitted by law. This meant that Palestinian taxi drivers had to cross the Israeli settlement of Bet El. Monday`s announcement of the settlement seemed to be the right time to revisit this issue. Think of a settlement or settlement in such a way that you jump straight to the conclusion, get what all parties can agree on, and close the case. Of course, if negotiations fail and an agreement cannot be reached, the parties to the case will have a judge and jury involved in a trial to make a decision on consequences and reimbursements.

Initially reported by the French capital, the comparison covers the period 2009-2018. “Milor, the matter does not allow us to agree,” said the Breton in a threatening tone, rising from his chair. A type of settlement is a place where people live. It can be a community smaller than a city, such as a village. Even if one country establishes a colony elsewhere, it can be called a colony. The other type of agreement occurs when something is settled, such as the end of a disagreement. A lawsuit ends when there is a settlement – both parties reach an agreement that often involves money. An agreement brings conclusion and solution. A year later, the trial ended with a settlement, the details of which remain confidential. The City of Cleveland recently reached a $3 million settlement with the Russell and Williams families. Your tasks include processing guest accounts. For example, suppose you want to know which words translate the date of the settlement of Jamestown, Virginia in 1607.

Dispute resolution between employers and employees Every effort is being made to achieve a quick and effective use of this new bank resolution system. Translation: On this particular issue, such as the $350,000 claim, you indicated that you are not ready to move. If you do not agree to these settlement terms and refuse to pay, we will go all the way to court until a judge and/or jury rules in your favor based on the evidence of our case. In and around the area where they were now sitting, there was a whole colony of blacks, mostly peasants. There, South Americans mated with Polynesian residents early in the period of discovery and settlement of these remote islands, according to the researchers. (d) Excess balances may remain deposited with the Gold Settlement Fund at the discretion of any Federal Reserve Bank. They discovered the remains of an ancient Anglo-Saxon settlement. Most civil cases are not decided by court proceedings, but by regulation. Even cases that are the subject of mediation or arbitration, rather than a traditional court proceeding, often opt for a settlement agreement. The president came to the conclusion that Shamir had misled him on the issue of settlement or lied to him. It offers these transgressors a way out through a settlement program.

Here are the latest news from our in-depth review of #Legal conditions. It happens a lot! In civil law, the settlement refers to the legal agreement reached by the opposing parties before or during legal proceedings and sets out the negotiated terms and obligations that each accepts to formally end a dispute. When a group of injured individuals sues another natural or legal person, this is the agreement that covers the specific conditions for the whole group or “class”. —Isaacs & Isaacs (@isaacsandisaacs) 9. August 2017 Someone has caused damage to you or your property and you believe you need to compensate yourself for the damage they caused. You have solid evidence on your side and believe you can prove it. As a plaintiff, you decide to sue the one who hurt you, the defendant, and hire a lawyer to set things in motion. To get the justice and reimbursement you deserve, it won`t always be necessary or even recommended to go to a traditional courtroom for a trial.

If you have a strong case and all parties acknowledge it, there may be no reason to fight – the other party may be immediately ready to fulfill your conditions, and the matter will be settled at that time by developing a binding agreement on how you will be reimbursed and what other measures, if any, may be necessary. The comparison almost always falls under the category of civil law. If they are criminal cases, they will be dealt with in a separate criminal case.